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Written by

I can’t get you outta my head
I can’t get you outta my bed

It’s like finding gold
But you sold your soul
This is getting old
Are you to have and

Holding the ace
I fall flat on my face
But I’m winning this race
So I quicken up my pace
You’re such a mental case

Your love is so sweet & gentle
Your love is so fucking mental

You’re an ignis fatuus
A dose of madness
I thought I had this
What’s this magick you

Practice this rhyme
Your love is sublime
I’ll commit this crime
But don’t you waste my time
I can’t get you outta my mind

Your love is so sweet & gentle
Your love is so fucking mental

C’ était un coup de foudre
Ça ressemblait à l'amour
Tu peux me fourer
Je veux te tuer

yOur love is..
our love is…
my love is…
addiction central…

This blonde prefers men to be gentle
But your love is so fucking mental

I take back the words I said
I wish that you were dead